Here's what a few folks are saying about their experience at Al -Shifa USA.


S. N. reviewed Al-Shifa USA *****

I had the pleasure of taking both my aunt and Mom for hijama, and mashAllah starting from the hospitality to the service was just beyond amazing. Sister Shamshad was so kind, informative, and very professional. The environment is very clean and (she) ensures that her workspace is sanitary. Both my aunt and mom were so pleased with her and even felt relieved of their pains. It’s very hard to find a Muslim sister that does Hijama, but alhamdulilah we have been blessed with one and I 10/10 recommend especially if it’s your first time. Sister Shamshad makes sure to explain everything and relieve you of any worries you may have. May Allah grant her guidance in all she does. (Ameen)


A. M. reviewed Al-Shifa USA *****

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته


It was my first experience, As per expected, she (Sister Shamshad) did it (hijama) very professionally, hygenically n most importantly in Sunnah manner with fikr n zikr


C. S. reviewed Al-Shifa USA *****


I have had chronic illness for almost 15 yrs. Last summer I developed a seizure activity and convulsions. I ended up in Austin with husband’s work and I was in great distress due to travel. Being environmentally sensitive to anything pollution, pesticides… I tanked and was scrambling for a way to stay afloat. I am sitting on a bed in my hotel room in major distress convulsing and wondering if I should fly back home or go to the nearest hospital. In an act of desperation, having heard of hijama and its ability to control some neurological conditions I found Al-Shifa Hijama and made an appointment next day. I went to visit a little reluctantly being from out of town. I was greeted by a very kind and accommodating Shamshad, and invited in the lovely home clinic. Having had a hijama session a month later in my home town I can tell you that by comparison the practice at Al-Shifa Hijama of is very clean and made me comfortable having used all disposable cups and instruments. I wish it was easier for me to get there from the East Coast, I would do it for monthly treatment. As far as gains, my convulsions stopped next day and I was able to enjoy the trip. After another hijama my seizure activity is almost all gone. I am very impressed with Hijama and would recommend warmly Al-Shifa Hijama to anyone who wishes to improve their health! Also, I wanted to add that the service is very affordable having paid literally 5 times more one month later for the same treatment on the East Coast. 


N. A. reviewed Al-Shifa USA *****


I'm under treatment of this. Shamshad Imam. I'm impressed by her attitude and faith in Allah. While giving treatment to the patient, Shamshad herself and qirat on cell phone echoes in the room, hair raising atmosphere. People are very afraid of this treatment, but patients faith in God, and it plays a vital role in the treatment. This treatment is called Sunnat-E-Nabwi So why should we worry. Shamshad is a loving and caring is God fearing person. My treatments and results are great and I'm sure Allah will heal me through this.


N. Y. reviewed Al-Shifa USA *****

This was my first time I practiced hijama . Masha Allah, sister Shamshad was very professional. Her clinic was very hygienic and organized. Shamshad is very intelligent and kind person, and I felt so relaxed during the hijama as she is very gentle too mashAllah. She definitely makes you feel special! I am so happy that we have someone to help us practice this very important sunnah in the Austin area.

JazakAllah khair for a wonderful hijama experience. May Allah reward you and put barakat in your efforts.



I. H. reviewed Al-Shifa USA *****

Sister Shamshad did an excellent job following sunnah. Very clean and professional environment. Felt great and sure going back again in a month .highly recommend


H. S. K. reviewed Al-Shifa USA *****

It was perfect. I want to thank you again.!!!


F. B. Y. reviewed Al-Shifa USA *****

I am so happy to find sister Shamshad. She is doing the procedures well. I felt myself special by having that treatment. It is for your health and also sunnah. And if you are person who can not trust easily you should meet with her. InsAllah I will visit her again. Thank you for your help sister.



F. Y. reviewed Al-Shifa USA *****

MashAllah excellent service. We are so happy to have such experienced and great people with Hijama expertise in the Austin area.
Very professional, very smart, clean, organized, comfortable and all done in accordance to the Sunnah. She is really nice, very caring, knowledgeable, and supportive. Alhumdulillah I am so happy to have her and this valuable service like this in Austin



C. A. reviewed Al-Shifa USA *****

Great opportunity to do a very healthy sunnah. I love it !
The place is so clean so organized.

And the person who is doing it so professional and smart, intelligent, kind person. Thank you very much. I am planning to come again soon to continue the treatment.



Y. A. reviewed Al-Shifa USA *****

A very professional, hygienic and organized approach to hijama and it was all done in accordance to the Sunnah.
JazakAllah khair for a wonderful hijama experience. BarakAllah feek.



A. K. reviewed Al-Shifa USA *****

Alhamdullilah , this was my first time I practised this sunnah. Masha Allah, sister Shamshad Imam did it in a very professional manner. Thanks sister for being extra caring and supportive. Jazakallah khair.


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