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Introduction to Hijama

Hijama, also commonly known as ‘Cupping’ is a prophetic method of curing and preventing disease and illnesses. Hijama, in Arabic is derived from ‘hajm’ which mean ‘sucking’. Al-Hajjaam means the cupper, hijaamah is the profession of cupping, and the word ‘mihjam’ is used to describe the vessel in which the blood is collected and the lancet used by the cupper. Hijama is also commonly known as ‘Cupping’. Hijama refers to the extraction of blood from key point in the body by the mean of cupping using a suitable vessel or whatever modern equipment serves the same purpose. 

Hadiya for Cupping

Historically, money was offered to healers out of respect, not by demand. Inconspicuously, money was concealed in an envelope or a gift was presented to the healer after the procedure was performed - with full manners and respect and with an intention to provide a gift.

Hijama is something done to revive the Sunnah and means of bringing cure to people that seek treatment through Sunnah remedy.  Charging high prices puts the patients off from being cupped.  And not compensating puts off the cupping therapists from offering cupping.  This also helps recover the cost that goes in expensive cupping supplies.


Standard Hijama is great for those that want to get Hijama for general well being and Sunnah Hijama points. Standard Hijama may help with many different conditions, including anxiety, lethargic, fatigue, detoxification of liver, mind clarity etc...

Upcoming Hijama of Dates

Benefits of Hijama

Cupping therapy offers many spiritual & therapeutic benefits. It has been used for thousands of years to treat painful symptoms e.g. sciatica, back pain, and clearing congestion in the chest which can occur with colds and flu, but cupping has recently gain popularity for its ability to help tissues to release toxins, de-acidifies tissue directly, enhance blood circulation to stimulate the immune system, and reduce stress as it releases chemicals in the brain that may reduce stress and depression.

Placebo Effect

The remedies mentioned in the Sunnah are not placebos, they have a very real effect. Removing blood is obviously not an ‘empty’ action. Individuals that come to us experience real results that are measurable. You are encouraged to review feedback in the Testimonial section.


Requirements for Hijama

shower Wudu,Three hours fasting 

For Brother appointments 

They have to come with  their Mahram

(Mahram means your wife,mother or sister)

Any questions or for appointments please feel free to contact

Sister Shamshad @ 512-569-5903


The procedures administered by Sister Shamshad is  non-medical procedures. They are not intended to be a treatment, prescription or therapeutic or corrective measure for human ailments, symptoms or conditions of any kind. Only your licensed physician can provide medical treatments. Sister Shamshad do not engage in diagnosis, prescription or treatment of physical or mental human ailments or conditions of any kind. Any medical complaints or requests for diagnosis, prescription or treatment of human ailments should be referred to your licensed physician. This is strictly religious and spiritual based, per guidelines of Sunnah of Prophet Muhammed (pbuh).


ABSOLUTELY no photography or visitors allowed in the Hijama room.


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